major/minor axis dimensions

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major/minor axis dimensions

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I just started using gearotic and I am wondering if there is a way to adjust the major/minor axis without having to mess around with the DP and Module parameters? I saw a different post on this forum which was asking somethig similar but I'm having trouble figuring out how to do it, besides that post is rather old so maybe since then there is a new way to do it.
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Re: major/minor axis dimensions

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To adjust any gears size you do have to use module or dp. This is simply
for the numbers to make sense.

There's two ways though, the first is the hardest....

You just use one formula,using any Module as a start, just multiply it by
DesiredAxisSize / CurrentSize.
So if the Module is 5 and the axis is 12.7mm on the X, and you desire a 25.5mm X axis
you just set the module to 5 * ( 25.4 / 12.7 ) = 10. Set module to 10 and hit regen, the new
gear will be the proper dimensions in both axis.

The easy way though, is to press the calculator button and ask the question
"How do I set the wheel to a set diameter",
type in your desired diam, and the system will reset those gears to that truth.

Note: If you know the end diam you want, use easy method, if you only know the end pitch diam or root diam
you want, then use the first method, replacing outside diam with root or pitch diam..

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