Bevel Machining diagram

For discussions of the various methods of Bevel Machining.
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Re: Bevel Machining diagram

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Hi Guys:

  I just got back, still on UK time, so Ill be brief. :) ( for me anyway ).

I agree with both of you. ( Hell, I woudlnt dare disagree with John anyway, makes me look bad every time. :)

Parallel tooth bevels are possible with single tool. What Ill call "true" conical bevels are not to my mind. I will be revisiting Bevels for sure and in a much more dedicated way with a new cnc module that displays toolpaths and hopefully  simluations. That will allow me to experiment more than in the past with various strategies, its too hard now with having to actually cut tests to see how a theory works. I think bevels will in the end have to have several strategies for various types and desired technologies..We'll
have to discuss this a lot more when I can me it so we can see the paths and what they shoudl turn out..


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