Printing gears on a Cubex printer

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Printing gears on a Cubex printer

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I'm attempting to print a planetary gear system
The wheel is about 1.8 inches with 30 teeth,  the 5 inner gears are all 10 teeth.
When the printer prints the gears with a resolution of .25mm, the gears are thicker than the design.
They end up not meshing because of the resolution capabilities of the printer.
What is the best way to tweak the teeth to account for the printer adding thickness?
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Re: Printing gears on a Cubex printer

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  Scale the gear to a smaller ize. ( I use .95 ) AND make the shaft hole larger when you do that as it will shrink a bit as
well. ( Of course you can always drill it out to correct for that. Unfortunately all 3d printers vary ALOT on how tight
they will do proper scaling..


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