Grasshopper Escapement

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Grasshopper Escapement

Post by marklazarz »

I finally got around to making the grasshopper escapement generated by the default settings in Gearotic just to see how it worked.  The attached photos show the model on the testing board in my messy shop.  I cut this using Baltic Birch which chipped due to the fine points in the mechanism but I sanded the points off with a disc sander jig and put it together anyway.  Much to my delight, the thing ran great!  Look for the video on the video section of this discussion board.  I incorporated the adjustable crutch that I previously posted and it seems to work just fine.  One MAJOR COMPLAINT that I have with Art's design is that I had to tape a little washer to the counter-weight part of the right pallet in order to get it to operate properly.  With all that extra work, why bother with Gearotic? :D
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Re: Grasshopper Escapement

Post by ArtF »

lol.. Im so ashamed...

  damn, I may have to build another of those..

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Re: Grasshopper Escapement

Post by BobL »

Nicely done Mark, I agree Gearotic grasshopper escapement do work well despite your needing to add a washer for counterweight. Anyhow good work, keep it up and please continue to share your project photos.

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