Brass Grommets For Kinetic art /sculptures

Files, photos and discusions on Tickers and kinetic devices.
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Brass Grommets For Kinetic art /sculptures

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After I did my last kinetic art piece I went looking for a simple, cheap way for joining moveable links. On Amazon I found some brass grommets that would suit my needs. The brass bushings are .2505 ID and 9/32 OD (.281). I got 100 pc for $14. They are .312 long. They are ideal where you are using 1/4" material and for 1/2" material one from each side would do fine the extra length wen using two on the same pivot point acts as a bearing with no detectable friction.
You can get them from the Widgetco . item 1-250-BRS-G
Dan Mauch
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Re: Brass Grommets For Kinetic art /sculptures

Post by ArtF »

Thanks Dan,

Good advice. When working on kinetics one is always looking for the weird widget to
help something fit.

  I just today got my latest flipping around properly.. more work to do but this
new bat looks like it may work out. :) , Im taking a break from code for a couple weeks
to try to make another ticker for release, so its gratifying to watch it tick..

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