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Re: Orange Clockwork Ticker

Post by epicycloid »

I know this is more than a year since the last post, but I noticed the same problem with Vulcan not wanting to sell to end users (now they have a $200 minimum).

I wonder if anyone sorted out the spring specs to pick a replacement from McMaster-Carr?

The specs for the Vulcan spring are:

Part Number SV10G160
Torque ? 10% 4.17 in-lbs.
Thickness (in) 0.010"
Width (in) 0.500"
Length 160"
Turns 20
I.D. +-10% 1.01"
Storage Drum
Output Drum 2.02"
Center to Center 2.25"

It doesn't look like McMaster-Carr has anything as long (160"), but a handful in the 30" - 60" +/- lengths, in the 4 +/- pound torque range.

What matters most in this type of design?


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Re: Orange Clockwork Ticker

Post by ArtF »

Hi John:

  Sorry to hear that. They had a $100 minimum way back when I bought an assortment.
The only important thing in the design is that it be a semi constant torque so that the
end speed of it is omewhat stable enough to allow the trigger to work at the speed it
develops during rotation. Its not a narrow range so I suspect almost any strong enough
spring would do. Im not sure who else sells such things though..
Ill have to research that for future.


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