Mach4 Setup

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Mach4 Setup

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I am currently setting up my CNC Router using Mach4.  I have a 3 axis machine with 2 motors controlling the x-axis. In Darwin Control and Statistics screen, in the Ports Control how do i determine what ports to be enabled?  In the Motor Config screen what Port do i use for each axis? My controller box came with a paper stating what pin controls each axis direction and step.

Thanks in advance, it will be much appreciated.
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Re: Mach4 Setup

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In Darwin you use the address of your printer port.  I would imagine you need only one enabled. You would then setup the
four motor outputs as your paper states for the 4 motors. I havent used slaving under Mach4, but I think in the Mach4 config you then config
the x, y, and z to the device "Darwin" and the motor numbers for those axis.

  Darwin doesnt handle the slaving, Theres a setting in Mach4 to set a motor to be a slave of the X axis main motor.

You may want to ask on the Mach4 forum how slaving is handled.. its been awhile since Ive looked at M4's axis config.

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