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Spot for the Vexx'ed

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Hi All:

  If you have bugs, troubles, ideas, or comments on Vexx, please drop them here.
Vexx is far from complete, and in truth will probably always be a work in progress.
  Photo imports are currently being added for segmentation and tracing, and there
are a few other toys I wish to add over time.
  Ive been lax of video's for Vexx as Im trying to get to a certain development spot
before I do so as various changes contemplated may make any videos look obsolete
before Im done. Ask any questions here as to how something is done or if its
possible. Im willing to add almost anythign within my capabilities if its an idea that
would aid in kinetic designs or cnc engraving projects.

  I will post solutions to Vexx'ing troubles on this topic as well.

Enjoy 2018,
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