What the heck is &nbsp ? on the forum posts

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David Morrow
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What the heck is &nbsp ? on the forum posts

Post by David Morrow »

I couldn't find a forum section on forum issues, so...

When I'm reading posts here on the forum, I see a lot of " &nbsp ". I googled it and found that it is :

" The entity   produces a non-breaking space, which is used when you don't want an automatic line break at that position. The regular space has the character code 32, while the non-breaking space has the character code 160."

And that's almost as cryptic. Can anyone tell me why this is showing up so often ? Is it the forum software, my forum personal settings, or maybe my browser ?
Richard Cullin
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Re: What the heck is &nbsp ? on the forum posts

Post by Richard Cullin »

it's endemic to forums that have been transcribed to a different bulletin board version. there are no user settings to hide it,
html has an innate ability to absorb "white space" the &nsbp is often used to enforce indents in text or tabbed tables
on forum posts , the &nsbp dosn't play nicely in text copying between forum data bases
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