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I have a question related to the output options. I use Alibre as my CAD program and have no desire to learn another. Is there a way to set Alibre as the default when I click on CAD? If this has already been a topic on the forum please direct me to the appropriate post.
Art K
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Hi Art:

Sorry, there is no redirect for that. The CAD in Gearotic is more of an adjunct to whatever cad one uses. It is a drawing program that puts out DXF's to be reused by things such as Alibre. It can do weird non-cad things like golden spirals, mosaics and such to be used as decoration in other cad/cam such as Alibre or Vectric. Gearotic was meant to be a shortcut system to make things otherwise hard to make in cad unless your very good at cad.

For general CAD work, Alibre is a good choice.

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