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Spindle Question

Post by John T »

Hi Art
This isn?t a Gearotic question but maybe you could offer an option/advise.
I just purchased a Koolertron brushless 500 watt spindle (I am not an electronics guy and doubt that I could fix the one they sent me). The motor is great but the motor controller has some sort of problem and turns the motor but only slowly.
The voltage out put is only about 15 volts and the motor is rated at 48 volts. I shopped around and found a Knacro power supply that matches the motor specs I could find.

Question Am I likely to fry everything in site if I hook these up?
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Re: Spindle Question

Post by ArtF »

Hi John:

  Hard to say how they do their 500 watts, if its a 48 volt motor
its likely just a 48volt 10 amp supply with PWM output controlled
by that pot or constant current controlled by the pot.
  If your like me and only run the spindle full out, Id just hook
any 48 volt 10 amp supply to it. If it runs fine, off you go.

  Id check carefully though, if a system like that one runs slowly
at 15 volts, thats probably an average voltage your seeing
being switched on and off quickly to keep the motor strong but
slow. Its very likely something your not understanding on its testing
or hookup. The only referance I can find show them as converted
for mach3, which makes me think its using a pwm output from
mach3 to control it, if misconfigured, Id expect a low spindle
or no operation.

  If you have a link to any docs for it, let me know , Id be happy
to advise..



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