Issue with bevel gear reversal on linkages

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Re: Issue with bevel gear reversal on linkages

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I'll monitor the Vexx topic area just in case you do get around to porting the physics portion of the Augie vector processor into Vexx.

My test of any such ported version would be to run my previously published  gravity clock escapements and my walking man simulation models.  Feel free to include these with one of your distributions as examples of some more extreme ways of using the vector processor to simulate real-world items.

Some of the features of these models include exploit convex surface, use of multiple group numbers in an object containing grouped together objects, selective collision control between groups,  pivots,  motors, forced gear ratios between objects,  linkages, simplification by decimation of more complicated shapes.  I have not had the need to simulate any machines so far that contain linear springs or magnets.

I am currently analyzing and modeling the gear trains in a Mr Machine Toy that I purchased Christmas 2019. This will first be modeled using gearotics.  Eventually I'll try to migrate the gear trains to the vector processor as a more realistic version of the walking man simulation.  Due the the complexity of the gear train, I will probably use fixed gear ratios on most of the gears.

It would be nice to be able to model torsional springs such as the hair spring of a watch escapement.

Keep up your amazing support of gearotics, Augie & Vexx.

Bill Michael
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