Deleting Tool Paths prior to Posting

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Deleting Tool Paths prior to Posting

Post by dchib »

Hi, I'm a newbie to Gearotic but not to CNC machining.  I work only in wood.  On the 3D Workbench, after generating tool paths using Autocut, I want to delete the first path for the shaft hole from each gear as I typically machine these holes first and then use them to screw down each gear to the borrow board to hold it for the release cuts.  However, the 'Delete Path' only seems to work for the last gear in the Objects List.  Obviously the easy workaround is to move each gear to the end and then delete its hole path.  But I suspect this is not what is intended.

I did try creating the hole tool paths first and then posting it, deleting these paths and then selecting all the other paths on the gears but invariably, sometime during the second selection process one of the gears moved (perhaps just a fraction of a mm but enough to be incompatible with the hole tool paths generated first).  Is there some way to 'lock' the object positions so this doesn't happen?  Or am I doing something wrong? 

Am really enjoying Gearotic 2

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Re: Deleting Tool Paths prior to Posting

Post by ArtF »

Hi David:

  Thank you for the bug, Ive tested and your quite right, there is a bug that the delete path
only seems to work on the first gear. I will post this for repair and re-release with a fix soon.
In the meantime, you can generate the first gears path, then use delete as its the only gear, then
do the next gear, and remove its shaft hole, then next..etc..
  I will fix this up as soon as possible.

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