Magnets - Veins

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Magnets - Veins

Post by Rocket »

Hello Art,

I hope all is well with you.

I am watching your video named Magnets-Veins.  It is really great to see those veins in action.
During the video you say:  It looks like Monarch, are you referring to the sculpture named Monarch by David Roy?

If so, I am wondering if I could use the Auggie Vector Processor to experiment with the pawls (like in Monarch) to try and understand the pawl movements and how the magnets in those pawls make them switch (dance)?

Very complex subject...but I love to learn new stuff...


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Re: Magnets - Veins

Post by ArtF »


  I was refering to that, but Im pretty sure Roy doesnt use magnets but instead
relies on gravity for his vane operation. I once figured it out but have since
forgotten exactly how that works. He's a fine designer that Roy fella..

  I found the vector processor helped me see connections, but it isnt fine enough
to fully do such motions. Im still dwelling on a solution to that kind of thing

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