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Gearotic Motion has been replaced by Gearotic 3.0 which replaces all previous versions of the program. It is an expanded version of the original Gearotic Motion and designed to allow growth in capabilities.

Two links are available, the Current Release link will always download a current and stable version of the program while the Development link will download ongoing versions introducing new features and expansions. As Dev. versions prove themselves they are bumped upwards to the stable slot and the process begins again.

Please monitor the "New Releases" thread on the Gearotic Forum which will always announce new releases as well as discuss any known issues.

"Gearotic 1.0 is available as an exe in the program folder for arhived functions. "




Current Stable 3.000 (( Click Here)

Current Development (Click)

Auggie CNC Addon (Click Here


Patch and Release notes -- (Click)Click Here)