Gearotic Motion is priced at $120.00US. The Paypal Link on this page will direct you to the Purchase page.

Once payment is made, a license key is emailed to you within 24 hours. This is a manual process , the license is typically sent within hours, but can on occasion take up to 24 hours.

A license for Gearotic Motion permits the installation of the program on all computers you, as an individual own. It is not limited to a single computer at this time. For commerical or academic use we do ask you contact us for a group licensing arrangement if the intent is to use on multiple stations. The future development of Gearotic Motion will continue with the suggestions of the licensed users, and all are invited to put their suggestions on the Forum.

Please ensure the demo download version works properly on your system before purchasing. GM is a complex program and uses OpenGL 3d graphics engines that can be troublesome on a few systems. If the demo works properly, your system will work fine with the release. Please also ensure its the latest Demo.


Example of Helical and Knuckle Gears cut with GM and a standard 3mm end mill on 4th axis rotary using Mach3.