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This page contains several tutorials related to the usage of Gearotic Motion,some from the newest versions, some from older versions as the result of the programs development. While the GUI interface changes over time, the theory of its use rarely does, so even older videos, while not matching exactly to the current screen layouts are valuable as a general guide to the programs usage. We hope you have fun exploreing the various ways GM can help you build the contraption you envision.

Please feel free to join the GearHeads forum available from the home page to further explore the program, or ask questions about its use.

Main GUI Usage
Spur Gears
Output Manager
Elliptical Gears
Imaginary Gears
These video's may be viewed as well directly on Youtube.com by simply searching for Gearotic Motion. This will display further video examples of tests done in Gearotic Motion on other topics.